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We are a Polish manufacturing company, operating in the plastics industry for over 33 years.

Thanks to the combination of experience, humility, responsibility and courage, we are appreciated by customers from the most demanding industries.

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For over 33 years, Poliamid Plastics has been manufacturing and supplying plastic components to support the production and logistics processes of its business partners. Our clients value us for our reliability, knowledge and flexibility – so important in a rapidly changing world.
Czesław Płachytka


We are looking for ambitious people who will develop the company while taking care of efficient organization.

Szukamy ambitnych osób, które będą rozwijać firmę dbając przy tym o sprawnę organizację.

We are looking for meticulous people who will take care of the quality of manufactured products.

Sprawdź nasze aktualne oferty pracy

We need well organized people who will help us efficiently realize the supply of raw materials and sales of finished products.

Potrzebujemy dobrze zorganizowanych osób

We rely on new technologies and a proven team of operators. We are looking for people to work in production of plastic parts and quality control.

Szukamy ambitnych osób, które będą rozwijać firmę dbając przy tym o sprawnę organizację.

Our ambition is to become a global leader in plastic parts. Sound like a challenge for you? Join our team.

Mamy ambicje stać się globalnym liderem elementów z tworzyw sztucznych

What does the recruitment look like?

See what you can expect when recruiting to our team

Wysyłasz CV
You send your CV

You can send your CV in connection with a specific offer or write to us what qualifications you have and what position you want to work in

Sprawdzamy dokumenty
We check the documents

We read your application and check if we currently have the right proposal for you .

Rozmowa z wybranymi kandydatami

We arrange anwith selected candidates. We set the details and dates individually.

Zatrudnienie na okres próbny
Employment for a trial period

Welcome to our team! We show you the company and familiarize you with the scope of duties. Now is the time to get to know each other better.

Our values

Humility and modesty

Ability to listen to colleagues and clients, teamwork – also with clients, to accomplish team tasks and goals, support others

Responsibility and reliability

Professional approach to duties, honesty, loyalty and respect towards colleagues, company, partners, care for results companies, environment and local community


Commitment to change the company and develop with it, taking up challenges, setting ambitious goals for yourselfcoordinated

Caring for a well-and healthy team

Building a healthy, but also efficient organization thanks to the right people, supporting each other and mobilizing to continuous development


See what we offer

  • Prywatna opieka zdrowotna
    Private healthcare
  • Bony świąteczne
    Christmas vouchers
  • Premie obecnościowe
    Attendance bonuses
  • Program „Mam pomysł”
    “I have an idea” program
  • Pożyczki pracownicze
    Employee loans

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