For over 33 years, we have been building the position of a reliable partner in the supply of plastic elements, while maintaining the character and atmosphere of a family business.


Start programu Mam Pomysł
Start of the Got Idea program

We appreciate the ingenuity and creativity that allows us to grow.


Sukcesy w rajdach
Successes in rallies

The Poliamid Plastics rally team on the podium of the 48th Rally Świdnica – KRAUSE.


Róże Kłodzkie
Róże Kłodzkie 2019

We are nominated for the award “Róże Kłodzkie 2019” in the Employer category.


Wzrost zatrudnienia
Increase in employment

We are growing, employing and enlarging the team to 100 people, becoming one of the largest employers in the region


Elementy z tworzyw sztucznych dla dowolnego zastosowania.
Polyamide for the automotive industry

We start production for the demanding automotive industry


Rozbudowa parku maszyn
Expansion of the machine park

Purchase and commissioning of an injection molding machine with a clamping force of 1,300 tons.


Nowa hala produkcyjna i biurowiec
New production hall and office building

We are increasing work efficiency in a new office building and a modern production hall with an area of 809 m2.


Zabezpieczenia dla prefabrykatów
Production of security elements for prefabricated elements

We begin the production of security elements for precast concrete elements used in construction.


Poliamid w rajdach
Poliamid in rallies

The Poliamid Plastics team begins their participation in the Polish Rally Championship with the participation in the Świdnicki Rally. Behind the wheel is Sylwester Płachytka.


Nowy magazyn
New warehouse

We are increasing the warehouse space for finished products. A new warehouse with an area of 1500 m2 is being built,


Nagroda – Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play
Award – Fair Play Enterprise

We obtain a Business Quality Certificate confirming the credibility and application of ethical principles in business


Budowa hali produkcyjnej
Construction of a production hall

We start production in a new hall with an automated production line


Początek ekspansji zagranicznej. Produkty Poliamid Plastics trafiają do odbiorców w Finlandii, Danii, Czechach i Austrii.
The first export market

The beginning of foreign expansion. Poliamid Plastics products are delivered to recipients in Finland, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Austria.


Poliamid dla ciepłownictwa
Polyamide for district heating

Start of production of rings for district heating pipes. From that moment on, we have been building the position of a global leader.


Jako rodzinna firma zaczynamy produkcję prostych elementów do przemysłu górniczego i armatury przemysłowej.
Beginning of activity

As a family company, we start the production of simple elements for the mining industry and industrial fittings.

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