Czesław Płachytka

Founder and owner of the company

He has been running Poliamid for over thirty years


“The company I founded was created thanks to people and thanks to people it will develop”
Discover Czesław’s Story


Jacek Bekalski

Maintenance Manager

For almost thirty years at Poliamid Plastics


“I feel at home here. There is no such a rush as in big corporations. “
Get to know Jacek’s story


Natalia Kaczmarek

Junior Specialist in the Purchasing Department

For nearly a year, she has been helping in the dynamic purchasing department


“Recommend work in Polyamide anyone looking for opportunities and wants to work in a good atmosphere”
Read Natalia’s Story


Łukasz Bisek

Production Manager

For two years he has been managing the production


“I like working at Poliamid because of the stability and contact with many people.”
Meet Łukasz’s Story


Tomasz Stefanowicz

Product Engineer in the R&D Department

He has been developing himself and Poliamid products since July 2020


“For me, working at Poliamid means professional development, interesting tasks and the opportunity to work in a great team”
Meet Stefan’s Story


Paweł Zwardoń

Quality Engineer

For four years, he has been guarding the quality of products


“In my work, I like contact with people and realizing myself as a quality engineer”
Get to know Paweł’s story

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